The Snickelways of York Hidden Yorkshire

The Snickelways of York are small paths and lanes which pass usually between buildings. The pths are not big enough for vehicles. The local term snickelway is a blend of snicket, ginnel and alleyway which is exactly what the pathways are. Most date back to medieval times although a few are more modern, many are also named for local events or characters, although a couple have had the names changed due to titles which are now considered offensive.

whip ma whop ma gate road sign

Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma Gate

The shortest street in York, recent have shown the name means "neither one thing nor the other" .

Mad Alice Lane

Lund Court / Mad Alice Lane

Named after Alice who is alleged to have have killed her husband, it is reported that she still haunts the lane.

Lady Peckett's Yard

Lady Peckett's Yard

The present name, from Alice Peckett, wife of John Peckett, Lord Mayor of York in 1701, who died in 1759.

Coffee Yard Snickelway

Coffee Yard

The longest of the snickelways, the coffee yard passes th historic Barley Hall.

Pope's Head Alley

Pope's Head Alley

The narrowest of the York snickelways, Pope's Head Alley is only 80cm wide at various points.

Finkle Street, Snickelways

Finkle Street

Finkle Street, formerly Mucky Peg Lane, is possibly named from the Germanic word winkel meaning corner. The snickelway runs parrallel to Nether Hornpot Lane.